ABOUT Community Navigators Community Builders

Community Navigators Community Builders (CNCB) consists of community youth "Builders" and adult volunteers "Navigators" working together on a community-based learning project.


These young Builders learn valuable entrepreneurship, leadership and most importantly life skills that they can apply in and out of the classroom. With the support, guidance and dedication of our Navigators, CNCB Builders are projected to improve in their academics as well as develop positive community relationships.


We believe if the community becomes more involved with our youth through community-based learning projects, youth will have a postive impact on youth's overall well being.


We believe that when the community and youth work together our communities are made stronger.

If you are a youth and want to join the CNCB family, please or if you are an adult who want to share your time (2 hours a month) and your talents/career with youth...​​

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Community Navigators Community Builders


Committee meetings

  • Once a month

  • 2nd Saturdays

  • 2 hours: 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
    First Presbyterian Church,
    502 Lakeside Drive
    Garner, NC  27529

CNCB is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, scientific and literary purposes. CNCB will provide membership, coaching and human services to youth and their families. Studies have shown that lack of community support causes students to suffer academically.


To develop well-balanced middle/high school youth with community-based programming opportunities while promoting opportunities for critical thinking, problem-solving, real-world activities.